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Thursday, August 14th, 2008
3:10 pm
Sunday, August 10th, 2008
12:32 pm
it's already icfa call for papers time. i still want to write about the doctor, but as the theme is time this year, it probably will be one among many... i had a bunch of other ideas, but they've slipped my mind again. must percollate and get back to it after work when i have time again...

50ish stories left to edit over at AD, and we're caught up! i'm out of town next week, but i'm going to print a bunch and read them on the plane and it'll all be good and on-momentum.

and i still need to find a way to make money writing so i don't have to work stupid-early or stupid-late at a coffeeshop or something. i need a laptop, and i need to pay my bills on time for once, and i need to recoup about 3000$ worth of savings i've used up over the last few years... but i'm off tomorrow, so i'm going to devote some time to getting on the interwebs and looking for story-homes and places that need reviewing and paper / article homes and gruntwork for writers...

so, i guess this counts as being a struggling writer? maybe i'll actually be able to write something now that my whole life doesn't hurt so much and i've got a little protein in me...
Saturday, August 9th, 2008
10:00 pm
i need to write.
i need to type up the stuff i actually have written.
i need to finish the stuff previously mentioned above.
i need to find homes for the ones i really belive in.
i need to blanket the interweblogs with subs and get my ass published more.

and i'm so sick-feeling i can't think straight.

so here's the begining of an experiment i will (eventually) get back to of extreme minimalist fantasy:

A room. A table. Two chairs-- in one, a girl; in the other, a monster. Two names: Suzie, Ferdinand.

and that's all i gots.
Friday, August 8th, 2008
1:00 pm
from the Tor blog: "I mean it's like someone seeing in 1950 that a hundred years before the fastest speed was twenty miles per hour and now it was supersonic and extrapolating that line straight forward to having FTL by 1983. Nevertheless, I regard this as a kooky belief. Yes, in 1950 we were supersonic, and gosh, we're in 2008 and...we're still traveling in jets only very slightly faster than in 1950, and cars, and subways, and buses. Even computers are only incrementally better than they were in 1987, and this isn't entirely because they're mostly handicapped with Windows."

manic pixie dream girls-- sixteen movies with weird fun women (and two in which they die)
Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008
2:24 am
i heard from my over-editor today that he'd mentioned to the editor and chief how quickly i was plowing through the backlog of the horror department, and the e&c was thrilled. something about backflips and running about. this is especially good as i'd thought i was slacking and not spending enough time, but now that i think about it, i guess six to eight stories every two days or so is kind of alot. and some days are better then other, and when it'd going well, i read more.

haven't written much, though. well, other then two whole stories last week. one's about psychics unknowingly trained as a weapon, and one's about time travel; both have unsatisfacotry endings, and at least one will need alot of reorganizing and fleshing out... i'm hoping to keep it short, but it might wind up being my first novella. there's more to say in that world then i thought!

want to try my hand at translating something, but i still feel ill-equipped. i mean, i was typing 'mouka is a baby. mouka is not an adult' to cyn the other day, and i realized i didn't know the word for 'adult'. i wrote a whole letter of three paragraphs and it took two hours to translate, and then i was gripped with fear and uncertainty and didn't send it. still, whether in this language or not (probably not, as, really, sweden is well-civilized and has plenty of translators), i want to translate things. i want to bring wonderful things from other languages here for people to read.

i want to do an anthology; i said that before, but now i'm sure of it. it'll be specfic, of course, and i want it to be on the theme 'the lost rivers of london', taken as many ways as humanly possible, especially figuratively. i asked lincoln crisler of 'our shadows speak; about getting it up and running, and there's much i have to do, but be aware, all seven of you who read this, that i'll be adding that to the workload soonish.

speaking of the workload: while i'm not sleeping, i think i'm going to finish prep-typing for the deathwish book... i'll probably post the intro and maybe more when it's less unformed.
Sunday, July 20th, 2008
11:09 pm
i wonder if there's some grant i can get so i don't have to work next year and can write?

i wonder: does anyone out there have their own server that would be able to host my site now that it's homeless?

i need to find where my installer is for dreamweaver and flash and such so i can build a cool new site...

i kind of want to make an anthology. more news later.

i feel icky.

i wrote a whole story yesterday, and walking home from work today, i think i've decided to rework the whole thing and make it three times as long and much more interresting and cohesive.

i have seventeen more stories to edit.
Sunday, June 22nd, 2008
11:03 am
hey guys! Lalitamba 1 is on sale as a print edition on amazon and the editorial has this to say: "It opens with Samantha Holloway's short story "Melinda Miller's Laugh," the delightful tale of a woman who is released from a long depression by the silver light of her own laughter."

i'm writing 'delightful' things!
Friday, May 16th, 2008
11:46 pm
it's past the half-way point of the month and i am far from the half-way point in the edit. i'm 117 pages through a monster that has grown to 730 pages. but if i can manage to edit just over 35 or 40 pages a day, not counting however many get written in the meantime, i can make it by the end of the month.

i think i'm keeping the semi-chapters, but in the next edit, hopefully just a clean-up runthrough after all this mess is done, i'm going to change the names to something more pertinent and poetic then, like, 'the road' and 'the road again' because that's boring.

there's going to be so many deleted scenes. some of them will likely become free-standing short stories, since they were intended to pretty much be that anyway-- little towns of storydom incorperated into the big sprawl of my book. alot of them will just be random scenes, however.

man i'm tired tonight. i wrote for hours last night and slept like crap. i don't think the two are related, but as i kept having weird paranoid and unsettling dreams that i couldn't remember when i woke up, maybe they are. i guess all this crazy isn't out of my head yet. sooo... here! have my crazy! this is the pasage i'm working on this very second:

Mer'Laya is a soothing balm on my soul. It as if the crawling fires of the Abbey scorched that immaterial part of me, my bones and the very fibre of me, thugh they did not touch my skin-- it is as if I have been living in pain so long I have forgotten what it is not to hurt... She soothes the pain that made me destroy my Book, the pain that made me wander so long in the cold and the snow, half-starved, terrified, lost in fever-dreams and doubt until she found me, my own White Lady come from the cold to bring me back to life...
And yet the loss of that pain is like another pain-- I care for her; she is something I do not wish to lose, and yet I have come to believe I will lose everything, if not to this quest that is all I have, then to the Dark that drives it.
When the fire came, I should not have survived it.
My life is forfeit.
Monday, May 12th, 2008
11:57 am
sent 'fyre' out to GUD. I like them. i like their idea. hopefully they'll like me!
Saturday, May 10th, 2008
9:09 am
after the fyre-- turned down. now to find another place for it...
Wednesday, May 7th, 2008
5:24 pm
yup, shot down. ah well.
Tuesday, May 6th, 2008
1:18 pm
so. 'letter to elise on her 21st birthday' is still in review, and 'tell them' has been declined. oh well. it'll just go out somewhere else...

Novel of Increasing Annoyance is coming along. the more holes i fill in, the more i see how out-of-place the stuff that's already there is, and that's getting irritating. i'm hoping this irritation will result in a beautiful pearl of a book and not in a horrible poison-ivy rash.

37 already-transtyped new scenes need to go in, and then i'm off on the new-new scenes. i might just drop them in whole to save time instead of writing them separately... or i might not.
Sunday, May 4th, 2008
10:54 pm
update, day 4
so i wrote something like twenty pages of new stuff that needs to be typed today, in a little under three hours, all longhand, and now all my carpals and philanges hurt.

i went through and broke the novel into 26 pieces that i labled to show me visually where all the parts go-- some sections are drastically out of place, and if i can't come up with a decent explination, they've all got to be moved, and i got tired of all the endless scrolling. the parts will probably become chapters if i decide to make it chapter-y, but more likely they'll be deleted when i do the final sweep-up because i don't think a chapter system is what this book needs.

feedback is what this book needs. and, like, massive plastic surgery. i wish there was a way to get all the scenes up at once, and rearrange them by hand on the computer, so they can more easily be shuffled and such... that italian head-up interface would be really great about now...
Saturday, April 12th, 2008
1:02 pm
i sent off two nuggests of fictiony goodness today-- 'tell them' to flash fiction online and 'forever in my eyes' to escapepod.

i usually have trouble with short stories, what with my brain constantly elaborating and forming novels out of things i thought were short, but every once in a while, something very short comes out, and i'm kind of glad for the flashfic movement, because otherwise i'd have to artificially force stories like these to be six times they're length and i think that would ruin them.

i've still got 'baptism of fire' that can go off to one of these deals, and i'll work on that after I get back from work.

i've really got to designate an hour or two a week for finding homes for my stories; this slap-dash approach means alot of story-home-finding doesn't get done.

i've also got to redesignate time to write. that shouldn't be too hard, though, now that the sun is up sooner and it's not so cold and dark every morning. i've got a solar-powered nervous system; it's so much easier to be up and about before i have to when there's daylight. i have fifteen or so stories in the making that need endings, and i can't send them off until they get endings, so i really should get on that.

deathwish book is still lagging behind. probably will until after i get the novel finished next month, but i want to at least get the seed paper finished retyping. i need to get a laptop so i can work at work...

plots and plans abound...
Monday, March 24th, 2008
1:05 pm
icfa was amazing, as always, but i think we've made a leap into an actual group-- there's me, jude, mike, of course, and we've got jason and ximena, and we're picking up greg, and helen and the stefans and ap are crossovers with other groups, and it's feeling like a real place with the best people. i love it so much. i'm always so full of the feeling that i have the best friends by the end of the week there every year.

new goal: a paper a month to be published as scholarship; failing that, a paper every two or three months, which will be four to six a year, and i think that's pretty acceptable.

i'm also going to see if i can figure out how to do real book reviews and maybe see if i can get on the readers' lists at scholarly publications. i want to be smart all the time-- my brain has been feeling more and more squishy, and i really think i need to get on top of scholarship; it's been five years-- i should know more then i do.

maybe i'll see what classes are available online form various colleges and start collecting random classes-- then random degrees. i like school.

maybe i'll go back for linguistic studies or linguistic anthropology; i had a really fantastic conversation-- about languages and the experience of speaking and reading them and about how you can trace them by what words they contain-- with the lovely stefan hogburg from sweden (affectionately called yet-another-stefan) and it kind of sparked me. it's rare in this current life that i lead that i get sparked like that.

i also started two new stories that i think are more interresting then usual lately-- all the extra food for the imagination this week. we'll leave it at that; i don't want to spoil the fun.

i need to get a certain story edited and returned
i need to work on novel 2 a little before i leap with both feet into the major makeover of novel 1 so it'll stop haunting me
i need to work on learning languages-- and see if there are good programs i can find with the ultimate goal of translating foreign lit
i need to finish some of these stories and start finding homes for them
i need to hold my horses and not follow up too quickly on shadows speak and aberrant dreams

for myself, here are my current writing goals:
at least one short story a week written, and at least one polished and sent off (preferably different ones so i can keep a high level of writerliness around)
atleast four papers a year, preferably as many as twelve, polished up, annotated and sent off to scholarly, peer-reviewed journals
one novel a year (or every other year)
language lessons so i can translate lit
classes of some sort so i can keep my brains about me
at least one fanfic a month (if i can manage it-- rose seems to be slow in coming)
read as much new scifi and fantasy as i can cram into my schedule
Saturday, February 16th, 2008
11:21 pm
as stated briefly in my main blog, i sent some stuff off for submissions today:

"after the fyre" is going to 'aberrant dreams', which looks like a really neat place i could send more stories to. they have a 1-5 month waiting period, though, so i'll have to be patient on this one; hoepfully, if they're going to reject me, they'll do so quickly and i can send it off again somewhere else.

"letter to elise on her 21st birthday" is going to the anthology 'our shadows speak vol 2', which seems to be pretty cool and pays royalties. it'll be nice to get paid, but really i chose them because i think it'd fit there and i like the feel of the editor's blog and website.

in the works:
i'm prepping at least one story and maybe as many as three for 'andromeda spaceways in flight magazine', which i want to get published in mostly because of the amazing title.
i found 'GUD: greatest uncommon denominator' and i want to send something to them because i like the idea they have, and based on the snippets, i think my style and general subject matter will fit in well.
there's an un-paid mag called 'neon' that i like the look of, too.
this weekend or early next week i'll be retyping the deathwish paper and sending it off to 'jsa', and then i'll start hashing out the basics of the book it will become.
my grand scheme to write 'rose tyler' has fallen by the wayside, but is less lost and more... being dragged along under the carriage because it's ankle caught in the reins, and will eventually climb back up into the seat.
i'm devoting the entire month of may to getting 2/3 queen ready for submission, though i'll probably poke at it some before then; it's still wandering around in my head, and i keep randomly realizing things i never even thought of before.

i need new things to read; i write better when i read, and i have so much that needs writing. but i like it better that way. i feel more like myself when i'm tellings stories.
Saturday, January 26th, 2008
9:17 am
the novel has been a bit backburnered lately, as has Novel2, but i have a plan for that.

short stories have been coming out lately, and i need to find homes for them; i want as many publications as i can get this year. which means i also seed to find homes for my old icfa papers-- anyone know wehre to publish academic looks at vampires, 80s movies, anime, or starships?

rose tyler: defender of the earth has fallen behind, but i'm still writing it, even if hayden has given up / found something more interresting. it's just slower when i don't have days off to myself and the cold makes it hard to wake up early in the morning.

'grass where i was laid' is getting printed in fiction international's FREAK issue, and that's pretty great, but it won't go to print until december, so i want publications before that.

and now i must off to work.
Wednesday, January 9th, 2008
1:44 pm
this is the first of the series hayden and i are writing to sate our fanlust-- the spinoff that never happened!

project #3: Rose Tyler: Defender of the Earth (Pilot Special)Collapse )
Tuesday, November 27th, 2007
5:22 pm
i started work on Draeconati for real today. found the old maps i had, retrased them and augmented the crap out of them, renaming stuff, redrawing coastlines, moving mountain ranges, shifting rivers, adding an archepellago and two new fortlands... it's a rough day to live on the continent of paleren today.

also spent hours at work deciding what people eat and how they dress and what their philosophies are; hacked out a bit of history; started a few scenes; decided definitely what's in the first book and roughly what's in the other two; scienced a bit of fiction on what's in the biology of the place... you know, general world-building.

yesterday, i wrote many many scenes for a new thing vaguely called A Cacophany of Gods about a girl who works in a coffeeshop owned by vesta and frequented by other gods. we'll see how it goes, but i'm liking it so far-- kali is a standin cook but always leaves things messed up and undercooked. brigid runs a stable outside town. kwan yin has a salon and spa. you know. like that.
Thursday, November 8th, 2007
11:57 am
i started a short story called What We Talk About When We Talk About The Earth (i like long titles for short stories). it's entirely in dialogue, which is more fun to write and a challenge to keep the characters individualized and non-confusing. there's four so far. and there may be other stories done this way if it works-- i t hink it'd be fun to make a series of them and publish them all together as a novella or something, but i want them to stand on their own, too.
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