fiendly neighborhood novelist (heathencorp) wrote in litdragon,
fiendly neighborhood novelist

update, day 4

so i wrote something like twenty pages of new stuff that needs to be typed today, in a little under three hours, all longhand, and now all my carpals and philanges hurt.

i went through and broke the novel into 26 pieces that i labled to show me visually where all the parts go-- some sections are drastically out of place, and if i can't come up with a decent explination, they've all got to be moved, and i got tired of all the endless scrolling. the parts will probably become chapters if i decide to make it chapter-y, but more likely they'll be deleted when i do the final sweep-up because i don't think a chapter system is what this book needs.

feedback is what this book needs. and, like, massive plastic surgery. i wish there was a way to get all the scenes up at once, and rearrange them by hand on the computer, so they can more easily be shuffled and such... that italian head-up interface would be really great about now...
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